Quartz PC Collection

What sets Quartz PC (QPC) apart

The Quartz PC (QPC) Collection, inspired by ancestral Pueblo sites, features reactive stains and real color dimensions not found in other lines. Aride and Urbano offer Selected and Character looks that will enhance any interior space.
Another innovative design element is that we also offer compatibly matched decors to all of our wood in our waterproof luxury vinyl SPC with commercial Quartz finishes. QPC brings timeless beauty to any setting.

Gran_Room Scene 1920 1833
Gran QPC

The Aride QPC collection features a rigid core SPC with  super durable quartz finish that combines all the greate qualities of SPC but with more durability.


The Urbano collection features stunning architectural designer colors of European Oak in wide widths of 7/12″ and lengths that are heavy to 6’1″.


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