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Thank you for purchasing Planke Engineered Flooring. Please read this entire information carefully.The information stated here contains all of the warranty exclusions. If you feel uncomfortable and/or disagree with any of the warranty and condition of sales stated herewith and have paid for your purchase, please do not open the shrink-wrap or carton of the products. You can return the products to where you purchased, in its original un-opened packaging and ask for a refund.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser or the purchaser’s installation contractor to pre-inspect the products prior to cutting or installation.If during this pre-installation inspection, any product is found to be unacceptable, that portion may be returned for replacement free of charge or in the unlikely event that manufacturer is unable to correct the failure after a reasonable attempt; you may receive a refund for the purchase price for that portion of the floor.
This warranty does not include labor for repair and replacement of material that has permanently been installed.

Residential and Commercial Warranty

This warranty is not transferable. VanDyck (USA)Inc.,(hereafter “the Manufacturer”) hereby warrants to the Original Buyer only (hereafter buyer or owner), that all Planke products installed by using the recommended installation methods, floor maintenance procedures, and maintaining proper relative humidity conditions within the home or building, to be free from manufacturing defects subject to the following conditions and exclusions.

Structural Warranty

Manufacturer warrants for residential users that products will remain free from defects in lamination for as long as the original purchaser owns the home. Manufacturer warrants commercial users that products will remain free from defects in lamination for a period of 5years for original purchaser only. The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser its prefinished hardwood floors against delamination (separation between plies) in normal environmental conditions provided that National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)Installation Guide Lines are followed
Normal Environmental conditions mean that heating or ventilating systems should be designed to maintain interior relative humidity level (in air) between 35% and 55% all year round.

Limited Lifetime Oil Finish

The coatings manufacturer warrants that under normal conditions and with proper maintenance, the finish will be warranted for life provided the floor has been installed and the finish has been maintained in accordance with the instructions.
Gloss reduction is not considered wear-through and is not covered under this warranty. Finish must be maintained with manufacturer’s recommended products in order for warranty to be valid. Using any other products on the flooring that are not recommended can void the warranty.If the finish is not maintained in compliance with the recommended care and maintenance guidelines warranty will become void. Please see Floor Care and Maintenance Guide for PlankeFloors for more details.
Limitation The finish warranty does not cover abrasion; wear through of the wood surface, misuse, abuse, wet mopping, spotting, accidents, natural wood discoloration, extreme environmental conditions, poor workmanship by applicator, normal expansion and contraction of the wood, improper maintenance, alterations to our product, failure to follow full care and maintenance instructions, natural disasters and/or acts of God. Any use of other, non-recommended, maintenance products prior to or after application of oil finish voids this warranty.
Wood flooring is a natural product; thus the color of the surface may change over time. Color variation on the wood floor could come from aging, natural color changes, sunlight exposure, etc. For these reasons,new flooring may have color variations from, and may not match the displayed samples. This is not considered a defect.

Warranties Disclaimed

The manufacturer expressly disclaims any other warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for the intended use and purpose, and the Buyer assumes all risk and liability whatsoever regarding such suitability. These warranties give you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Warranty Exclusions

Improper Maintenance and Prevention Floor maintenance must follow the recommendations outlined in this guide. This warranty excludes impact damage or wear from heavy furniture or equipment used without proper protection. Warranty excludes indentations, scratches or surface damage caused by lackof proper maintenance, misuse, negligence, erosion, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, insects, pets, abuse, accidents, insufficient prevention and/or protection in kitchen working stations and underneath furniture.
Spike or stiletto high heels, especially those in need of repair, may cause scratching, denting and related damage to hardwood floors due to the extremely high compression force they generate. Such footwear can produce dynamic loads in excess of thousands of pounds per square inch and permanent indentations may result. This is not a manufacturing or product related defect; The Manufacturer will not accept claims for damages that arise from such exposure.
The use of non-recommended maintenance and floor-care products, including but not limited to oil soaps other than soaps specifically made for the oil finish, other household cleaners that contain lemon or tung oils are NOT covered under these warranties.Please see Floor Care and Maintenance Guide for Planke Floors for more details.

Improper Installation

The floor must be installed according to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)installation guidelines. Damage caused by improper handling, or installation methods, invalidate these warranties. Floor materials with apparent machining defects must be removed prior to installation.
Boards having any apparent defect should be set aside and will be considered part of the industry accepted 5% defect allowance. In such situation the manufacturer’s liability is limited to replacement of defective material in excess of 5% of the square footage purchased. Manufacturer will not be responsible for labor or installation costs.

Improper Environment

Any damage that occurs during shipping/transport is the responsibilityof the shipping and transport company. This warranty does not cover damage caused in whole or in part by casualty, improper transportation and storage, abuse, use of which the goods are not intended, faulty construction of the building, faulty installation of goods, settlement of the building or other movement causing separation of movement of sub floor structure, natural disaster, insect infestation, extreme heat, extreme sunlight, excessive dryness or excessive moisture from wet mopping and any other source including humidity, spillage, migration through slab or wall or any other source affecting the dimensions or planes of wood flooring members. Extreme indoor conditions (extreme heat, dryness and/or moisture) may cause damage to the flooring.
It is natural, due to the inherent properties of wood that some minor contractions and expansions might occur. These occurrences, and/or visual changes on the hardwood floor, will self-correct with seasonal climate changes and/or when maintaining suggested normal environmental conditions. Surface checks or cracks may also be caused by extreme low humidity (below 35%), and may not be reversible. Manufacturer is not responsible for changes in wood flooring because of exposing the flooring to relative humidity levels below 35% or levels above 55%. Alteration or repair that is not Manufacturer authorized will void the warranty.

Natural Sunlight

Over time, normal exposure to sunlight will bring about changes in the shading of any hardwood floor; these changes may vary in areas of the floor that are blocked from sunlight, such as under area rugs. This is not a product defect and is not covered by the warranty.

Surface Checking

Occasional cracking or checks in the surface due to low relative humidity, dryness or installation over radiant-heated floors are inherent for wood products. Because these occurrences are not manufacturing defects, they ARE NOT warranted. All wood products are likely to check and possibly crack when the relative humidity drops below 35%. Planke flooring may have some degree of surface checking allowed.This is not a manufacturing defect as it is part of the characteristic of the flooring grades.

Radiant Heating

Radiant-heated Slabs –Under floor Heating System. Installation over radiant-heating systems/underfloor heating systems will reduce the moisture content of the hardwood flooring and may cause surface checking, cracks, or dimensional change. Manufacturer does not warranty flooring installed over radiant heating.

Liability Limitations

Buyer agrees that Buyer’s exclusive recourse and Manufacturer’s total liability on any claim shall be limited to, at Manufacturers’ option, the repair or replacement of the defective goods which are proven to Manufacturer’s’ satisfaction to be defective in manufacture, orthe refund of the purchase price of such defective goods. In no event shall the Manufacturer have any other liability, including damages, in excess of the Manufacturer’s price of goods found defective, which specially excludes labor, transportation and storage charges of any kind.In no event shall the Manufacturer or its suppliers be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, economic, commercial, consequential, incidental or special loss or damage or any claim by a third party, resulting from the use or loss of use or the performance or non-performing of Planke flooring products.
This warranty is limited to one time repair or replacement of defective materials. Any attempt to repair, replace or refinish the floor prior to Manufacturer’s inspection and authorized repair actions will void this warranty. No distributor, dealer, installer, agent, sales person or Manufacturer’s sales representative is authorized to change or increase the terms or coverage of this warranty program.

Warranty Registration

To register your warranty, complete the registration form and return it with a copyof your invoice to Planke, Attn: Customer Service (address below) within 30 days of the purchase from aPlankeflooring dealer and fully paid for.

Warranty Claims

If you need to file a claim under this Warranty Program, you must first contact yourPlankedealer where the original purchase was made. If the dealer is unable to satisfy your claim, then contact by letter to the following address:
Customer Service
PO Box 411897
Melbourne, FL 32941-1897
The manufacturerwill send you a form that needs to be completed and returned for processing. A written notice of claim must be filed within the warranty coverage period and no later than 6 months after occurrence of the problem that gives rise to your claim. Information verifying date of purchase and identity of the original purchases, and/or invoices as proof of purchase will be requested. The floor must have been purchased from aPlankeDealer and fully paid for. We strongly suggest that you keep your original invoice in a safe place.
The manufacturer reserves the right to have a designated representative inspect the floor and remove samples for technical analysis. The representative will then report the findings within a reasonable amount of time.

Warranty Voidability

The warranty will become null and void by the Manufacturer if: 1. Buyer fails to maintain the proper humidity condition of the home interior 35 -55%humidity) throughout the year.
2. Buyer fails to follow the NWFA Installation Guide Line, Floor Care and Maintenance Guide Line: or
3. Buyer fails to keep the original proof of purchase documents: or
4. Buyer denies the Manufacturer/seller a reasonable opportunity to review and investigate any alleged failure.
5. Buyer has not fully paid for the flooring materials prior to the installation.

Installation Guide Line

A qualified or professional hardwood flooring installer should install Planke flooring. The manufacturer specifies NWFA guidelines for installation instructions. Preferred installation isby using Nail orGlue Down installation methods whenever possible. Brand name urethane based adhesives should be used. Do not use water based or vinyl adhesives.

Floor Care and Maintenance Guide for Planke Floors

This recommended Floor Care and Maintenance Guide for Planke Floors is part of the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Failure to comply fully will result in the warranty being null and void. Planke flooring is durable and easy to maintain. This is because Planke flooring is finished with natural, hardening and penetrating finishing oil that is made from all natural, plant based oils. The finish is easily maintainable and will continue to be beautiful and protective if maintained properly.
After Installation
A maintenance coat is recommended for best protection. Vacuum and/or sweep and damp mop prior to application. Refer to Floor Care and Maintenance Guide for Planke Floors.
Routine Maintenance
Periodic dust mopping (swiffer) and cleaning with manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products is recommended as needed. Refer to Floor Care and Maintenance Guide for Planke Floors for more information. Recoating with manufacturer’s recommended flooring oil should be used as needed.
Preventive Maintenance
Never use any kind of wood polish or solvent-based dressing or maintenance products, as they may dull or damage the finish.Only use the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance products.
Sand and dirt can be abrasive to wood floors; one should place protective mats by doorways to keep dirt and moisture from being tracked across your floor. Area rugs are recommended in front of sinks in kitchens. The rugs should be slip-resistant with a non-abrasive and non-discoloring backer. Install floor protectors (felt pads) under all furniture and chair legs in order to ease their movements and to prevent scratches. Clean up spills as soon as possible, before they get sticky or dry.
Spike or stiletto heels shoes, especially those with worn heels, can dent and scratch wood floors (as well as other flooring surfaces).
Maintain proper humidity conditions (35 –55%) in your home throughout the year. This may require the use of a humidifier or dehumidifier; depending on conditions. Avoid extreme changes in humidity from season to season.
Long Term Care
Depending on wear, and your own preference, re-coating with a light coat of coating manufacturer’s oil coating once a year or once every two years, depending on wear,is recommended. Although the homeowner can apply the oil coating, we recommend that you contact your dealer for a professional referral as the professional can apply with a low speed buffer to the exact level you prefer. Before applying the oil, the floor should be thoroughly cleaned according to coating manufacturer’s recommendations.
Hardwood is a living material that reacts to changes of relative humidity. In summer, when humidity is at its highest, it is absorbed by the wood, which then expands. In winter, on the other hand, when relative humidity level in the house is much lower, the wood releases its humidity and contracts or shrinks. Failure to maintain the normal humidity conditions at 35 -55% humidity for the home interior all year round, before and after installation of the wood flooring will void the warranty.
Protect the floor against direct sunlight or any intense source of artificial lighting. Over time, intense light will discolor exposed surfaces. This phenomenon with wood surface is normal and natural. The lighter the color of the naturalwood, the more apparent this phenomenon will be. Never use wax, oil-based detergent or any other household cleaners as they may dull or damage the finish and make the floor slippery and more difficult to clean.
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