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In today’s age of the internet and instant fact analysis, it’s hard to remember the time of entrepreneurial beginnings so influential and legendary, that they still live on, fueling our consciousness with the lore of classic designs. Such is the story of Sawyer and Southern, a legend that began in our grandfather’s age, but lives on as inspiration for Florida design and the art of gracious living.

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Horace Sawyer of Savannah, Georgia and Lincoln Southern of Sussex, England joined forces in St Augustine, FL in 1912. Sawyer, a builder and designer, and Southern, an architect, were both influenced by the luxury hotels and resorts that began to grace Florida’s eastern coastal resorts in the late 19th century, beginning with Flagler’s Ponce de Leon Hotel in St Augustine. However, both gentlemen also drew heavily upon their own origins and unique background to build their signature repertoire. Sawyer was heavily influenced by his region’s traditional use of wide plank flooring utilizing old growth longleaf pine. Southern was more of a classicist, and drew upon his experience with English Oak. He was one of the first to adopt the liming process. The two operated out of the Indian River region of Florida and they became united by and influenced by the local flora and fauna of the region. Sawyer and Southern (S+S) became the epitome of classic Florida and coastal design, and their projects became famous among the luxury set. It’s easy to imagine Fitzgerald drawing scenic inspiration for his book, The Great Gatsby, after having stayed at a resort featuring flooring designed by Sawyer and Southern. It’s also been said that Ernest Hemingway was rumored to be a Sawyer and Southern client for his residence in Key West.

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