Coaste Maintenance
and Care

Floor Care and Maintenance Guide for Coaste floors

After Installation

Floors should be cleaned immediately after installation by sweeping and/or vacuuming and removing all dust. A slightly damp mop should also be used to help assure dust is removed. Do not use a wet mop. If floors need further cleaning than use one of the cleaners recommended below.

Regular Maintenance

RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL: Sweep and or vacuum as needed. Make sure vacuum does not use a beater bar which can damage hardwood floors. Wipe up spills immediately. Use a wood cleaner specifically made for urethane finished floors such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Libman Hardwood Floor Cleaner, or Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner.
Depending on need and amount of traffic the floor is subjected to, a thorough deep cleaning schedule can be set for daily, weekly, or monthly
Residential and Commercial: Maintain proper humidity conditions (35-55%) in the location throughout the year. This may require the use of a humidifier or dehumidifier; depending on conditions. Avoid extreme changes in humidity from season to season. Hardwood is a living material that reacts to changes of relative humidity. In summer, when humidity is at its highest, it is absorbed by the wood, which then expands. In winter, on the other hand, when relative humidity level in the house is much lower, the wood releases its humidity and contracts or shrinks.Very low humidity can cause checks and cracks in any wood floor.
Protect the floor against direct sunlight or any intense source of artificial lightings. Over time, intense light will discolor exposed surfaces. This phenomenon with wood surfaces is normal and natural. The lighter the color of the natural wood, the more apparent this phenomenon will be.

Long Term Care

Place rugs or pads near all entrances and try to assure that all sand and other debris is kept off the floors. If, after a very long period, the finish becomes very worn a light screening (very light sanding) can be done and then re-coated.
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