A Storied History About US


Raw But Refined

Inspired by the beautifully rich flora & fauna of the Indian River Lagoon Estuary, the architectural materiality of the Spanish Colonials & Florida Crackers, and with the history of graceful living as a pretext, the Planke Wood Flooring Collection from Sawyer & Southern defines a “Raw But Refined” aesthetic with a line of exquisite wood flooring, perfect for the well-appointed home.

Florida Based Design

Our Florida-based design studio collaborates with interesting known & budding designers, artists, artisans, and manufacturers throughout the world who produce top-quality & inspiring work.  The philosophy is deeply rooted in the past’s craftsmanship, content & style, while also employing new technology to refine both material and construction.  The rarer the ability or material, the more interesting the exploration and assuredly, the outcome.


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